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Thomas the Caterer

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We feel very honoured to have Thomas the Caterer come on board with our fundraising and he his going to be earning his ‘Our Challengers’ badge of honour by helping us with a Supper Club evening. Joanne has watched Thomas work his magic with food, while photographing him and been lucky enough to come home with some of it, so we were thrilled when he offered to help.

Our £1 Supper Club is based around the cause of ‘Live Below the Line‘. There are still so many people worldwide, who live below the poverty line and so Live Below the Line, is a fundraising cause to raise awareness. Raleigh International have encouraged many people to take on the challenge for the week, where by you have to live with all your food and drink being covered in just £1 per day. You can follow the links to the Live Below the Line charities and although there are official weeks for this, many supporters have tried this out throughout the year. We would love to know if anyone gives this a go and would happily feature your week on our blog.

We decided to use the idea as a theme for our fundraising, but to encourage people to get involved, we have asked our diners to come and dine with us at our home for a donation and to see what Thomas can create for just £1 per person. Joanne will of course capture some photographs at the event in June and share them on the blog.

Thomas, you are a star for agreeing to create and cook this for us and it is going to be very exciting to have a chef in our home.

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