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Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium

Advert for Saffron Lane Athletics Club

We would not be able to take on some of our challenges without the help of others and we would therefore like to add Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium in to our list of Challengers. Our challengers are those people that contribute with their time and assistance on any of our fundraising events and we want to publicly thank them on here, because what they do is very much appreciated.

The team at Be Fitter recommended that we needed a track for our Burpee Challenge and Saffron Lane was the first choice and we were right to choose them, because they have immediately been so helpful.

They are giving us the loan of the track for the day and this includes having all the facilities open and the staffing involved with that. So we would ask if there is any way you can support this local facility in the future, please do and we would love to recommend how wonderful they have been.

Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium

Saffron Lane



Image of Saffron Lane Athletics Club Track & Field


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