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Be Fitter

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The team at Be Fitter have become one of our challengers and they have set us a fitness challenge that is going to be tough and worthy of some sponsorship from those of you who want to see us pushed to the max!

Directors Zack, Wayne, Martine & Matt have developed training classes that have become a whole community. They encourage healthy eating plans and effective training methods and we can personally say that if you try one class you will be hooked. Their Facebook  group page shows you how much admiration their clients have for them. From classes to personal training, they give you everything and more. To add to this, Martine holds a team GB World Powerlifting Championship Title. Plus they achieved a Burpee Marathon for LOROS – yes that is 26 miles of the exercise I dread. Take a look at the last relay lap of their epic achievement of this.

The Challenge

1 Mile of Burpees

As ‘burpees’ are a large part of a Be Fitter workout, they have set us the challenge to each compete a mile course of burpees.

Sunday 25th May 2014

Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium

The aim is to undertake this challenge in the morning and we would love to involve as many people as possible who wish to join us. So if you wish to join in with the challenge, or simply give support on the day we will welcome everyone. So do let us know if you fancy joining in, or plan to come along. We do not know how long the challenge will take as we do not know of this distance being undertaken individually before, but anticipate it being extremely tough, lasting several hours. See details for Saffron Lane under the Our Challengers section and find out more about the challenge and how to donate on the blog and also on the Fundraising section.

This team are the most encouraging fitness company we have trained with and they are giving their full support to helping us achieve their challenge. Massive thank you to Be Fitter for creating our challenge for us and being the first team to step forward to do this.

Be Fitter team togetherBe Fitter Logo on tshirt


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