Joanne & Damian do Raleigh

Exploring life from a different perspective


Raleigh International could not maintain the fantastic sustainable development they undertake without the help of their volunteers and the ever important fundraising, so this is where you can help us.

We have achieved some amazing challenges in the past, such as climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking the Inca Trail and running half marathons, that are often undertaken for charity, but have never asked for a penny before. So for this, we would now love your donations to help in raising the funds required for us to be a part of what Raleigh do. We are giving up over 3 months salaries to volunteer and will be paying our own air fares. The money you will help us raise therefore goes to the costs involved and the projects themselves in the communities we will be working with.

We are fully prepared to undertake as many challenges as we can fit in, between now and June, to inspire you to donate, help, sponsor, or more. We are also looking for local companies to get involved with setting challenges for us and we will of course blog about what you set us. We need our challenges and fundraising to be as creative as possible and ideally linked to where we are going, so here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Damian likes apples, but is not a fan of rice pudding. He enjoys trekking and outdoor activities. Walks the dog twice a day. Is a Star Wars fan. Dislikes cotton wool balls. Not great at learning languages.

Joanne really doesn’t like heights or bridges. Attends a kettle bell class. Is rubbish at doing the Plank. Loves photography & travel. Doesn’t have a good sense of direction. Drinks a lot of coffee. Not a great swimmer, but can ice skate a tiny bit.

Costa Rica’s capital is San Jose, has an area of 51,000km, a population of 4,254,000 and consists of volcanos, tropical forests, mangroves, swamps and sandy beaches.

Nicaragua’s capital is Managua, has an area of 130,373km, a population of 5,892,000 and consists of lowlands, uplands and many water bodies including Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua.

The wildlife will consist of vipers, coral snakes, boas, spiders, scorpions, poison dart frogs and tarantulas! Thankfully, there are also lizards, Howler monkeys, sloths, tapirs, deer, puma, armadillo, parrot, macaw, alligator and of course turtles and turtle conservation.

We will be eating pasta, rice, beans, chilli, noodles, eggs & tomatoes amongst other things. The most important crops to Costa Rica are coffee and bananas.

So if you’d like to be a part of our fundraising, you can get in touch, or visit our Just Giving pages.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!
Joanne and Damian Withers at Kilimanjaro submitJoanne and Damian Wither cycling in ChinaJoanne and Damian Wither on the Inca TrailJoanne Withers about to walk across a wooden Nepalese bridgeJoanne and Damian Wither ice trekking in PatagoniaJoanne and Damian Wither at Annapurna base camp


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