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For those who don’t know me, I have been a professional photographer running my own business since 2007. Previously known as Nine Photos, I have had the pleasure of photographing families, weddings and creating imagery for businesses along with my own Fine Art work since I decided to return to photography and make it a career. So 2014 will see me go back to my name to become Joanne Withers Photography and I am thrilled to be taking the business overseas as a volunteer for Raleigh International, in my role as a photographer.

As the photographer on the September expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, I will be working with a team of project managers who deliver the aims of the project. I have the most amazing opportunity to document the project and be a part of a team that facilitate the personal development of the young adults on the expedition. I will be a member of the Fieldbase team and will be lucky enough to visit many of the different projects and play a day to day role in the running of the expedition.

I cannot even begin to imagine what a life-changing experience this is going to be and I don’t undertake this lightly. I have to be able to self manage and organise my role out there and be able to communicate visually to the wider audience on the progress and achievements of the expedition. It is going to be a huge honour to showcase what Raleigh do, so please share my adventures and help us fundraise as much as possible for others that are not as fortunate as ourselves.

Portrait of Joanne WithersPortrait of Joanne WithersPortrait of Joanne WithersPortrait of Joanne WithersPortrait of Joanne Withers


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