Joanne & Damian do Raleigh

Exploring life from a different perspective


I am an architect who has been a director at Gordon White & Hood Architects inLeicester for 14 years. During this time I have had the pleasure of designing and monitoring the construction of a large variety of buildings throughout the UK; ranging from large commercial developments to small residential works.

When not designing buildings, I love an adventurous life and particularly enjoy combining this with traveling to far flung places across the world, to see what else is out there and to experience different ways and attitudes to life.

Raleigh international has given me the opportunity to combine the love of my architecture “day job” with my urge for travel, adventure and desire to see new places in a new perspective, by giving me the role of Project Manager in the expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in September 2014.

The role of project manager is to deliver the aims of the project while facilitating the personal development of the young people in the group. After completing a 2 week in-country training programme, alongside at least one other manager, I will run a project site in a remote area, managing a group of around 12 international young people in a cross-cultural environment.

It will be a challenging, fun, emotional and extremely rewarding role …….. the adventure starts here!

Damian Withers 1Damian Withers 3Portrait of Damian WithersPortrait of Damian WithersPortrait of Damian Withers


2 thoughts on “Damian

  1. Great to hear what you are planning and good luck to you and your wife on this amazing adventure !!

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