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About Raleigh & Us

Raleigh International is a youth and sustainable development charity. It runs expeditions and volunteering programmes abroad for people from a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and life stages. Raleigh’s aim is to increase the leadership and employability skills of participants whilst also raising their awareness of their role as global citizens. Since 1984, the charity has supported more than 35,000 people through its expeditions.

Raleigh runs expeditions in Borneo, Costa Rica & Nicaragua and Tanzania for young people aged 17-24 (Venturers) alongside volunteer managers; all of any nationality or background. Volunteers work on community and environmental projects and take part in tough adventure challenges.

Last year in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, volunteers:

  • Constructed 6 water projects, installed 9 km of water pipes, 8 water tanks and provided fresh drinking water to 855 people.
  • Built 5 multi-use community centres that can be used as training centres, places for meetings, as a pre-school, for social functions and as a hurricane shelter.
  • Built 4 primary schools, 1 secondary school and 1 kindergarten, directly affecting 439 students.
  • Constructed 6 houses for farmers with low financial resources in the Miraflor area which had been damaged by hurricanes.
  • Installed 2 bio-gas units as an alternative energy solution and income generation project.
  • Worked in nine different national parks, building 8 km of trails, 2 water systems for ranger stations, 3 observation platforms and protecting the eggs from over 1,500 turtles.

For more information about Raleigh and the charity’s expeditions, visit

Raleigh International Flag in green and white


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