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La Iguana Chocolate Farm

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Signs of the town Mastatal

During my week long stay in the community of Mastatal, I had the tough job of visiting a chocolate farm with Damian and his team of volunteers. Seeing the fruits grow in the sunshine, tasting the beans and coming away with organic truffles was brilliant if the truth be told. Let me introduce you to La Iguana.

On a more serious level, La Iguana is an example of just one of the farms local to the Costa Rican area of Mastatal, near La Cangreja National Park, that run their business aimed at sustainability and eco-tourism. The farm has volunteers working and living there as part of their travels and Mastatal has gained its own group of tourists with businesses like this. From Eco Lodges to La Iguana Chocolate Farm, Mastatal is looking to grow the community by encouraging like-minded travellers to take a stay in their town and learn about their sustainable ways of life.

The couple that run the farm were amazingly welcoming, with Cacao drinks and chocolate brownies being served to all of us, along with a tour of how they create those delicious truffles. Why not look them up on Facebook and consider a different kind of holiday.

Joanne x

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