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£1 Supper Club

Our fundraising event for June was to host a supper club with a difference and we have to thank Thomas the Caterer for coming on board with this challenge.

Live below the line is a charity project where by people live on £1 a day for all their food and drink, for a week, to raise money for overseas charities and raise awareness of how there are still so many people that have to survive on this every single day. This was our inspiration for our event in June. We felt that by us living on £1 a day, nobody would be involved, so we decided to hold a supper club style dinner party with the principal being that the meal was costed at £1 per head. We did cheat a little on the £1 a day, as technically, the evening meal should have been 33p, but we felt it would still be a good talking point at £1 per person.

Knowing the challenge was tough, we asked Thomas the Caterer would he like to take it on for us and he surpassed our expectations. Eleven of us dined on Roast and pressed pork belly, with new potatoes, roasted beetroot and pea puree, followed by Floating Islands with honeycomb. It was delicious and our guests were thrilled to not only get a course that was more than beans and lentils, but also a dessert.

Our huge thanks goes out to Thomas for doing this for us. I can only imagine what he could create for your dinner party if you booked him for a special occasion. We were so impressed.

We raised £270 and to find out more about Live below the line, see the links below.

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