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When Damian and I announced we had been approved as volunteers for Raleigh International, there were a mixture of reactions. Some nervousness, lots of excitement, much surprise and a little bit of questioning.

A lot of the questioning surrounded the fact that I was just relaunching my business under its new branding, so why would I go and leave it for 3 months? I thought therefore, I’d give you a little insight in to my decision to head out to Costa Rica & Nicaragua this year.

It is true, that I will not be running my business on the ground level while I am away, but effective planning does not mean it is going to disappear from view. Three months is much shorter for me to be away than if I was having a baby for example and with the internet, so much is always possible. It simply depends on how you view your office and how you work.

I am actually going to be a photographer while I am away. I may not be photographing weddings, but I will be photographing lifestyle. I will be documenting and blogging. I will be capturing people and portraits. Most importantly for me, I will be so very inspired by my new surroundings and community. For any creative, inspiration and sometimes a fresh perspective is vital for growth.

The image I’ve included in this post, that is from the Raleigh International Facebook page, sums up the main reason I applied for expedition with Raleigh.

Challenge yourself to change your world.

That’s exactly what I want to achieve. Damian and I both wanted to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and see what we are capable of. We are lucky to be able to take such an opportunity and our aim is to not waste a minute of it, both while we are there and when we return. Our ambition is to change our world and come back and help others to change theirs, with what we have learnt.

I could sit at my desk and push through what is the expected model for a professional in the workplace, or I could take my skills as a photographer, combine it will my love of travel, add a little bit of a leap of faith and see just what is possible.

Man in a Raleigh International tshirt


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