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Mother’s Day Portraits

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I usually work on Mother’s Day taking portraits and this year was no exception, apart from the fact that we did it for charity this year. You will never regret having some laughter captured with your mum and to be able to do this for those that came in is a fabulous experience.

Another big thank you to those who donated so generously to our Raleigh expedition and I have to say you were so much fun. We had wigs & tiaras, laughing, dancing, a princess and a new mum to be with her gorgeous baby bump. All captured for those memories and absolutely priceless. Thanks everyone, Joanne x

JL4A0777 JL4A0786 JL4A0797 JL4A0808  JL4A0819-2 JL4A0851-2 JL4A0834   JL4A0882-2    JL4A0862 JL4A0879  JL4A0895 JL4A0898-2 JL4A0916-2 JL4A0919 JL4A0928   JL4A0932      JL4A0933-2     JL4A0953                             JL4A0983-2  JL4A0929-2


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