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Our first fitness challenge

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When we were asked to fundraise for Raleigh International, like most people, our thoughts turned to a fitness challenge. Having both run a half marathon in the past, Joanne knew this was not for her, but we did want to do something that would not be chosen by ourselves, to make sure we were pushed. People are more encouraged to donate if they see someone being driven beyond their levels. Just look at the massive achievement of Davina McCall for Sport Relief recently – wow!

The team behind Be Fitter therefore came to mind. Take a look at their profile on the ‘Our Challengers’ section at the top on this website. We knew they would be tough on us, but also want us to achieve it. They have set our challenge as 1 Mile of Burpees. For those that don’t know what a burpee is, have a look at this link of one of the Be Fitter directors, Zack, taking on the 100 burpee time challenge.

Firstly, Joanne would like to say that she in no way looks like that when she is doing burpess, or goes at that pace. Secondly, we will be doing a distance, so take a look at the video on the Be Fitter page on ‘Our Challengers’ section to see how we will be doing them. We will be posting a video of us trying out the distance burpees, so you can see exactly how comical we look and so you can fully appreciate what we will be doing, is tough for us. Try giving them a go for a minute and you’ll understand.

The challenge will take place on the morning of Sunday 25th May 2014, so put the date in your diary to come along and take on the challenge with us, or offer some support. Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium are very generously donating the use of their track and facilities, so a big thank you to the team there. You can see their details under the ‘Our Challengers’ section on the website.

We both have targets to reach for the amazing projects that Raleigh will be undertaking while we are on expedition and have our individual Just Giving pages with our targets on all set up for you to pop over to and kindly donate to motivate us for this challenge.

We have also set up our Just Giving text number for this for smaller donations. This are our codes below. Give them a try.

Just Giving text code for Damian Withers DAMI99  Just Giving text code for Joanne Withers JOWI99

Sign up to this blog (top right hand side), or our Facebook page and you will be able to follow the details of our training leading up to the day, including watching Joanne have a nervous breakdown as reality sets in!

Love Damian & Joanne x

Image of a pair of trainers with a Be Fitter logo t shirt


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